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Remember that a substation is a load to a generator or to an upstream substation. In the same fashion, a substation is a source for the loads or for a downstream substation. Grounding in Power Transmission. Three-phase transformers can be used in four different configurations. These are delta-delta, delta-wye, wye-delta, and wye-wye.

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calculation of CT errors, ground faults, sensitive, ground faults in unit generators, overcurrent relays for, turn-to-turn faults, unbalanced phase currents, vibration, Ground-distance-relay connections, Ground-fault neutralizer, effect on line relaying, to mitigate the effect of a fault, 2. In the Y-Y system, with no neutral wire, one of the load phases will completely lose power, while the voltages of the other two load phases will be reduced to % of normal. In the Delta-Y system, none of the phase voltages will be affected by the failure of the source phase winding. Multifamily Optional Load Calculation [] (9minsec) Neutral Conductor, Bonding Conductors, and Bonding Jumpers [] (1minsec).

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Jul 16,  · This means an open delta transformer will only be able to deliver % of the capacity of an equivalent three phase delta transformer with similar voltage and load current. Alternate way of stating the same is that if a delta-delta transformer is converted to open-delta transformer, then the new transformer will only be able to supply % of. How to Wire V & V Main Panel? Breaker Box Installation; How to Wire V, V & V, 1 & 3-Phase, High Leg Delta Main Panel? These are the general setup and may vary (i.e. the further wiring depends on the appliance requirement) e.g. neutral wire may be needed in both single phase and three phase V circuits as shown in the fig below.