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This easy-care houseplant is not intended for human or animal consumption. In some subtropical areas, it can be considered an invasive pest. Check local restrictions before growing it outdoors. Dieffenbachia and pothos are lovely complements to one another. Ponytail Palm Ponytail palm and pothos are perfect, easy-care houseplants to grow.

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A Dieffenbachia camilla (Dumb Cane) photo taken by LucaLuca. The truth is that Dumb Canes are poisonous, however it rarely seriously harms human or parts of the plant have lots and lots of microscopic needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals and when some unfortunate animal (or person) chows down, they end up with a painful and swollen mouth. Nov 15,  · Read on to learn about simple-care houseplants you can’t kill. Houseplants provide a buffer from stale indoor living and brighten up our homes. Houseplant Primer: A Guide to Basic Care and Durable Plants. March 3, (Dieffenbachia) General Knowledge. A personal favorite, dumb cane features a large and in charge leaf. Dieffenbachia is an easy houseplant to grow and adds a lush, tropical look to the room. This plant’s common name is “dumbcane,” and for good reason: The sap of the plant can cause numbness when touched and interfere with the ability to speak if it gets near your mouth, causing you to temporarily become mute, or “dumb.”.

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Feb 25,  · Philodendron, Pothos, Dieffenbachia, Peace lily, Poinsettia – Whether it comes from chewing on or ingesting the plants, all of these can lead to mouth and throat irritation, drooling, and vomiting. Note: Massive amounts of poinsettias must be . May 02,  · An immensely popular houseplant, false aralia (Plerandra elegantissima) has beautifully textured foliage with deeply serrated leaflets that start out a copper or burgundy shade and eventually deepen to a rich juvenile plants tend to have more textured foliage while the adult leaves are more deeply lobed. Although the plant can reach up to 6 feet when fully .