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Jun 14,  · (b) Unbalanced Chemical Equation: If the number of atoms of each element in reactants is not equal to the number of atoms of each element present in the product, then the chemical equation is called Unbalanced Chemical Equation. Example: Fe + H 2 O → Fe 3 O 4 + H 2 In this example, a number of atoms of elements are not equal on two sides of.

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Kinematic equations relate the variables of motion to one another. Each equation contains four variables. The variables include acceleration (a), time (t), displacement (d), final velocity (vf), and initial velocity (vi). If values of three variables are known, then the others can be calculated using the equations. This page demonstrates the process with 20 sample problems and . For this we have to remember some key points. Chemical equation balancer helps you complete the process digitally. As per the law of mass conservation, it is not possible so the given equation is unbalanced. Balance chemical equations calculator highlights the user if the equation is unbalanced. Lets consider a chemical equation this time.