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"Pirate Treasure" is the 1st ever episode of The Backyardigans. The episode starts with Uniqua first being shown coming out of her estate. She explains that she is a scurvy pirate because she wears a patch over her left eye and because she says "Arr!" She then sings the song "A Pirate Says Arr". Austin comes out of his estate to greet her and he tells her that he's a pirate well .

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Biz Markie (Biz's Beat of the Day) Paul Williams (Super Music Friends Show) Super Music Swami played by John Reis. Danny Walters (Craft Time) Paul Davis (Dancey Dance) Frieda . The Backyardigans: Blazing Paddles - Ep - Dargoole cerca e cataloga i video presenti sui più famosi portali di video sharing del Web. Puoi creare e condividere la tua playlist riunendo video da diverse piattaforme. The Backyardigans: Sinbad Sails Alone - Ep??.?? Views: 1. Dec 05,  · The Backyardigans: Sinbad Sails Alone - Ep 6,, views Dec 5, TYRONE is Sinbad the sailor who, together with his inexperienced, but well-intentioned first .

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Mar 31,  · Summary: Sinbad (Tyrone) is sailing to find the end of the rainbow. Pablo, a young, inexperienced sailor (and a huge fan of Sinbad), sneaks aboard to help him. When . He introduces himself to the viewer as Sinbad, a great sailor who sails the seven seas on a ship. He explains that he will sail all the way to the end of the rainbow as he sings "Sinbad the Sailor". The backyard transforms into a dock as Tyrone walks on to his ship. He begins to sail off. A blue penguin, Pablo, runs to the ship an See more.